Ursviken Optima Press brake

Ursviken Optima 100 tonne Prerssbrake

Technical Information

Ursviken Optima  serial number 4797

100 Tonne Hydraulic Down stroking twin cylinder press brake.

Manufactured in 1999

Overall Bending length 3.1M

Between frames 2.66M

Throat depth 200mm

Cyblec DNC 900 colour graphic Control system on ergo style pendant

CRT tube replaced with TFT Screen

8 Axes backguage achieved with 2 separate independently CNC programmable

Carriages X R Z1 Z2 X2 R2 Z2 Z3 1 finger per carriage and one further  to be used on either carriage for small pieces

Fully integrated SICK FGS  type light curtain mounted on swinging and hinged guards

Hydraulic upper tool clamping for Usrviken tools

Single vee lower tool fixing with set screw. For single vee tools

front and rear T Slots to lower beam

Automatic programmable CNC crowning compensation system

Rear light curtain

I set of upper gooseneck r1 nose 120mm high 2 x1m 1 x 400mm 2 x195mm 1 x 110mm 1 x 100mm

1 set lower vee 16mm 80 degree 100mm high 1 x 1m 1 x 940mm 1 x600mm  1 x165mm 1 x120mm 1x 115mm 1x 100mm

Weight 8400Kg

Length with ergo extended 4800mm width 1900mm Height 2600mm