Trumpf Trulaser 2030

Trumpf TruLaser 2030 

Serial number A0210A0274


“The CO2 laser is not dead. The vast majority of flat bed machines currently in production in within the sheet metal and fabrication sector are CO2. Not unlike the current migration to electric vehicles in the automobile sector many new laser machines have a fibre source.  In the used sector CO2 is still the most common machine to be sold. In fact a used powerful high specification machine from a quality European manufacturer can be a strong predictable and safe investment. Especially in stainless steel the edge quality is superior and often negates the need of secondary operations with a bright machined like finish. With a considerably less capital outlay and in most cases grant qualifying and often easily financeable, payback times are often shorter than with significantly higher value new machines.”


Flying optics laser machine with integrated automatic load and unload system

2000 Watt TruCoax  Trumpf Laser Resonator.

Machine and loading capacity for  3000 x 1500 mm

Trumpf Control System


Dust extraction system

Electronic Cabinets


Nominal capacities  Mild Steel  12 Stainless 6 Alum 5







Warranty 3 months parts and labour

Offline programming can be provided if required.


Price on Application

Technical Information